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September 26th Update

Maria’s Update: We are Open for Business

Having been spared a direct hit by Hurricane Maria, the Guadeloupe Islands suffered no damage to its infrastructure and are ready to welcome guests in the upcoming winter season. All roads have now been cleared of all debris; power lines have been repaired and service restored across all five islands. Air traffic resumed on September 20, 2017 at Pole Caraïbe Airport as well as service on the inter-Island ferry network.

The archipelago’s economic activity has also fully resumed.

All hotels are currently open and those closed during the off-season or for refurbishment/renovation have reported that they are on schedule to re-open as planned. For our numerous American travelers planning on renting a house or using alternative accommodation options on the main islands, we are pleased to announce that reservations are now open.

The cleaning of our beaches is finished. However access to certain sites located in the National Park such as La Soufrière volcano, the 3-tumble waterfall Carbet Falls, the Grand Etand and La Route de la Traversée will be fully cleared this week. The Botanical Garden, Guadeloupe Zoo, Habitation Côte-sous-le-Vent will re-open on October 15,,2017.

Update on our main hotel properties:


L’Auberge de la Vieille Tour (Gosier) – activity was not interrupted. No damage
La Créole Beach Resort & Spa (Gosier) – activity was not interrupted. No damage.
Club Med (Sainte-Anne) – activity was not interrupted. No damage.
La Toubana Hotel & Spa (Sainte-Anne) – Currently closed for renovations – No damage – will re-opened as planned on October 31, 2017
Karibéa Beach Resort (Gosier) – activity was not interrupted. No damage.
La Maison Créole (Gosier) – activity was not interrupted. No damage.
BwaChik (Saint-François) – currently in its off-season closing. No damage. Re-opening as planned on October 2nd, 2017
Le Relais du Moulin (Sainte-Anne) –currently in its off-season closing. No damage. Re-opening as planned on November 6, 2017


Le Jardin Malanga (Trois-Rivières) – currently in its off-season closing. No damage. Re-opening as planned on October 21, 2017
Langley Hotel Fort Royal (Deshaies) currently in its off-season closing. No damage. Re-opening as planned on October 13, 2017
Tendacayou Ecolodge & Spa (Deshaies) – activity was not interrupted. No damage

More details about Guadeloupe’s surrounding islands:


All beaches have been cleared
Tourism infrastructure is intact

Les Saintes:
Terre de Haut et Terre de bas were the islands most impacted by Hurricane Maria.  Wood structures by the sea such as restaurants are being rebuilt and beaches cleared. Les Saintes will be fully operational by mid-November 2017.

La Désirade:

All beaches are have been cleared and are accessible
Tourism infrastructure is intact

September 22nd Update

Guadeloupe experienced no direct impact from Maria

– The hotel operates normally and all services are provided
– No flooding in the hotel grounds
– Dam and beach not damaged
– The gardens are in good condition
The hotels below are in seasonal annual closing.
– No damage
– Renovations are underway
– Beach not damaged
– Opening held on Tuesday 31th of October 2017
BWA CHIK HOTEL & GOLF – St. Francois
– No damage
– Opening held on Monday 2nd of October 2017
– St François: No damage to the 4 Aqua Lodge
– Les Saintes : waiting informations 2 Aqua Lodge
– The hotel has not suffered any major damage
– Opening held on Friday 13th of October 2017
LE JARDIN MALANGA – Trois Rivières
– The hotel did not suffer any major damage
– Opening held on Saturday 21th of October 2017

September 21st Update

La Toubana Hotel – 9/21 – Hotel is currently closed due to renovation and on track to reopen at the end of October.

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