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All hotels are open for business with the exception of Club Med which will re-open on January 31st 2018.

September 30th Update

The Turks and Caicos Islands (TCI) is making a strong and speedy recovery following the passage of Hurricane Irma. Hurricane Maria did little to delay the rebuilding, and additional damage was minimal across most of the TCI’s eight inhabited islands.

Providenciales, which is the most developed of the islands and where 90% of the population lives, is on a steady path to complete restoration in the coming days, with additional islands in the archipelago close behind.

Currently, water and power have been restored in Providenciales, North & Middle Caicos and South Caicos with needs being addressed on other islands. All roads on these islands have been cleared and as of 23 September, Providenciales International Airport and Grand Turk International airport were back to full operation and all flights in and out have resumed.

Many hotels and resorts are already welcoming guests, including Seven Stars, The Atrium, Caribbean Paradise Inn, Grace Bay Suites, The Sands and Somerset and Windsong.


(Sept 26) A Message From The Minister Of Tourism – View Release

September 28th Update

Alexandra Resort – 9/28 – Alexandra Resort will now reopen on November 15, 2017

Amanyara – 9/25 – Open October 1st

Beach Enclave – 9/25 – Open October 12th via Website

Beach House – 9/28 – Beach House will now reopen on November 1, 2017

Beaches Turks & Caicos Resort Villages & Spa – 9/25 – Open December 14th

Blue Haven Resort – 9/28 – Blue Haven Resort will now reopen on November 1, 2017

Club Med Turquoise – 9/25 – Open October 1st

COMO Parrot Cay – 9/27 – Scheduled closing Aug. 26th to November 19th opening

East Bay Resort – 9/25 – Open December 15th

Gansevoort Turks & Caicos, A Wymara Resort – 9/25 – Opening October 5th

Grace Bay Club – 9/25 – October 1st

La Vista Azul – 9/25 – Currently Open

Ocean Club Resorts – 9/25 – Open September 28th (Scheduled closure)

Point Grace – 9/25- Open 20th

Ports of Call Resort – 9/25 – Will open November 25th

Royal West Indies Resort – 9/25 – Open October 6th (Scheduled closure)

Seven Stars Resort – 9/25 – Currently Open

The Meridian Club – 9/25 – November 1st (Scheduled closure)

The Palms Turks and Caicos – 9/25 – Open September 30th

The Regent Grand – 9/25 – Open September 30th

The Sands At Grace Bay – 9/25 – Open September 30th

The Shore Club – 9/25 – Open September 30th

Villa Del Mar – 9/25 – Open October 1st

West Bay Club – 9/25 – Open October 1st

Windsong Resort – 9/25 – September 30th

Caribbean Paradise Inn – 9/25 – Currently Open

Sibonne Boutique Hotel – 9/25 – Opening scheduled for October 3rd but may extended

The Tuscany – 9/25 – Open October 1st

Pelican Nest – 9/25 – Open October 30th

September 16th Update – Pre-Maria Updates

Providenciales International Airport (PLS) reopened for scheduled flights on, Monday, 11 September.

Several of the hotel properties were scheduled for annual closure prior to Irma; some properties have now elected to remain closed, to assess any damage to their properties and looking to reopen by the beginning to middle of October 2017

Hotel updates:

  • Alexandra​ ​Resort, Blue Haven Resort and Beach House:​ ​The resorts sustained some wind and water damage due to the storm, and will be closed for arrivals through 8 October
  • Amanyara:​ ​Opening October 1, 2017
  • Beach​ ​Enclave:​ ​Plan to re-open November 18
  • Beaches Turks and Caicos: Accepting guests on 14 December
  • Caribbean Paradise Inn: Open and taking reservations.
  • Club​ ​Med Turkoise:​ ​A full assessment of the resort has not been made and while the island’s infrastructure is being restored, the resort is delaying arrival of new guests through 30 September, 2017
  • COMO​ ​Parrot​ ​Cay​ ​Resort:​ ​Opening November 19
  • Gansevoort​ ​Turks​ ​&​ ​Caicos,​ ​A​ ​Wymara​ ​Resort:​ Accepting guests starting 1 November
  • Grace​ ​Bay​ ​Club:​ ​Opening October 1
  • La​ ​Vista​ ​Azul:​ ​No power or water yet
  • Meridian​ ​Club:​ ​Opening November 1
  • Ocean​ ​Club​ ​Resorts:​ ​Opening October 12
  • Pelican Nest: will open on September 30th
  • Point​ ​Grace:​ ​Opening October 20
  • Ports​ ​of​ ​Call​ ​Resort:​ ​Opening November 1
  • The Palms Resort, The Shore Club on Long Bay Beach and The Sands: sustained no major structural damage only extensive landscaping and some water damage. The resorts are closed to allow repair and clean up. The Palms and Sands will reopen 23 September and The Shore Club will reopen 30 September.
  • Regent​ ​Grand:​ ​Initial assessments show the resort to be structurally intact and in need of cosmetic repairs. Pending final damage assessments
  • Royal​ ​West​ ​Indies:​ ​Opening October 6
  • Sands​ ​at​ ​Grace​ ​Bay:​ ​Opening September 23
  • Seven​ ​Stars​ ​Resort:​ ​Hotel is open
  • Sibonne​ ​Boutique​ ​Hotel:​ Opening October 3
  • Somerset​ ​on​ ​Grace​ ​Bay:​ ​Assessments are still being made
  • Tuscany/Venetian:​ ​Opening October 1
  • Villa​ ​Del​ ​Mar:​ ​Opening October 1
  • West​ ​Bay​ ​Club:​ ​Opening October 1
  • Windsong:​ ​Opening September 24

Source: CHTA – CTO Joint Update, September 16th

Individual Hotel Updates

Statement from Hartling Group (The Sands, The Palms, The Shore Club)


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